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The value of a high-class peice of furniture is deļ¬ned by the perfect synthesis of maximum seating comfort


Masters in full strength leather

During Ale Couperus's world trips he is always searching for the most beautiful and exclusive leathers at the tanneries. He found some of these unique qualities that are the base for creating the Masterpiece collection.

Each leather has its own unique structure, drawn by the nature. It is processed in its full strength given by nature, is not corrected and thus, this leather retains its original and natural appearance in all its beauty. The manuscript of nature, the life of the bull, buffalo or water buffalo with its own characteristics remains fully visible. The skins are tanned with natural minerals and raw materials. Only the best skins are used. They are hand-picked, carefully selected and controlled. We personally have developed this leather collection in close collaboration with some exclusively working leather tanneries in the world. Our team has a very high level of competence, so the manufactory can be guaranteed with a lot care and attention to detail. The large scale processing of skins, without unnecessary seams, the naturalness in touch and appearance of the leather makes each design a:


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