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The value of a high-class peice of furniture is deļ¬ned by the perfect synthesis of maximum seating comfort


The new Masterpiece Collection

Back to the Roots...

With more than 20 years of experience, passion and love for the most beautiful and best leather, Ale Couperus owner of Partner Design, is proud to introduce a world first design collection, which is upholstered with extraordinary natural full strength leather. The leather/ hides used for the Masterpiece collection find their origin mostly from European Bulls. These are supplemented by Buffalos out of the Bush of South Africa and Asian water buffalo.At Masterpiece Collection the leather is leading in this creative design process.

Because of the thickness of the leather/hides, not each design is suitable for the Masterpiece leather collection.

Therefore it was a big challenge for Ale Couperus to design the perfect combination! But he succeeded and now the Masterpieces are born.!

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