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The value of a high-class peice of furniture is deļ¬ned by the perfect synthesis of maximum seating comfort


Your sofa. Your choice

Ale Couperus's personal signature, is seen clearly within the Masterpiece collection. His long time experience in designing, leather knowledge and working in the international furniture business, helped Partner Design  to create this new exclusive high end brand: MASTERPIECE. 

The perfect combination between ancient craftsmanship with modern know how is seen in the diversity of designs and full thickness leather qualities. 

The leathers that are selected for Masterpiece are exclusive and unique. Found and created all around the world by Ale Couperus during his journeys. 

Creating beautiful and special furniture with individual highlights takes in-depth knowledge of the material and expert processing.

Production of Masterpiece takes place in Germany and is done by very highly trained, skilled workers and specialists. 

Large or small, classical or modern, extravagant or reserved. No matter which ambience you prefer, the Masterpiece collection has the perfect furniture for you to add the finishing touch to your home for a lifetime. 

Cuddly, extra-deep, lounge sofas, classic shapes or stylish individual armchairs. Thanks to the wide variety, different seat depths, a choice of bases and other accessories, each piece of furniture is almost unique and tailor-made for you.

The highest quality of frames and foam for upholstery are used in order to create the perfect comfort. 

During the final inspection when every detail is checked again, the Masterpiece is ready to leave and let the customer enjoy a perfect, hand made, quality piece of furniture for a lifetime. Enjoy : YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE

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