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The value of a high-class peice of furniture is deļ¬ned by the perfect synthesis of maximum seating comfort


Sourcing the perfect leather

Leather is our passion and always has been. 

Ale Couperus, is the creative director behind the Masterpiece brand. As formal CEO of International Furniture Companies ( Van Zanten Trading and later Machalke, he is the owner of Partner Design who launched this new brand "Masterpiece". He grew up with leather and the art of processing this material. 

He became familiar with the peculiarities and special features of leather at a young age. Now he uses these many years of experience, knowledge and skills to find leathers whose use and processing would be virtually impossible for others. The several special leather qualities are leading in creating the designs for Masterpiece.

At Masterpiece Collection the leather is leading in this creative design process.

Because of the thickness of the leather/hides, not each design is suitable for the Masterpiece leather collection.

The leathers used and choosen at Masterpiece are selected by hand. Wherever you go, you will not see leather as it is used on and processed for our furniture anywhere else. It is unique and so is the furniture that is made out of it.

The leather is not simply bought from a catalogue. Ale Couperus himself travels the world and visits different tanneries, looks at the material and manufacturing conditions and makes careful selections, in order to create an exclusive Masterpiece collection with unique visual effects. 

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